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Types of Client with Lebanon Escorts From the Perspective

I’ve seen a wide range of Lebanon Escorts men from many walks of life. Some males are prone to the client stereotype. There are, of course, always exceptions. For example, one of the clients I saw was infamous for pulling women. over his shoulders and licking between their legs in the air. Other unusual clientele includes a 20-year-old University student. who used to book me for 8 hours at a time only to kiss and lick my hands, feet, and bottom ( I suppose those two were quite unique Clients)

I’ve compiled a list of some of the commonalities. I’ve noticed among clients in the “exclusive” world! of Escorting Brothels over the years. I’ve talked about these kinds of clients with other working females, and we all agreed on a lot of them. Take this with a grain of salt, as there is so much variability among clients. That it is impossible to simplify, label, or classify them. 

  1. The Client Who Is Always On the Lookout for “New” Girls: 

Lebanon Escorts
By “new” girls, I mean girls who are new to the sex profession, a specific brothel institution, or a specific area (Beirut). There are usually a few’ soulless’ clients waiting for the “new” girls. and they almost always have a filthy motive. The reasons for looking for fresh meat are simple. They want to exploit her since new girls are assumed to have no knowledge of what is acceptable. what is not allowed (sex)? These males persuade naïve ‘new’ girls to engage in sexual behaviors. which she is uncomfortable.

These men are hoping to make a lot of money. sexual ‘extras’ that are usually unavailable (or more expensive) from seasoned prostitutes. I call these men’s sex’ soul-less,’ since. it’s meaningless, with no actual connection. how can you have meaningful sex when you’re looking for a new body?

Unfortunately. many novices to the sex industry lack the confidence to set their own boundaries. Some of these customers are predators attempting to exploit them. Unless they can continue to exploit her, this kind of client never sees a girl more than once. They may appear pleasant and even wealthy, yet they are misogynistic on the inside. They are manipulative beneath the surface. They’re also cheap! and they don’t tip their females (they are trying to get as many sexual favors for the least amount of money).

I’ve seen these “house regulars” in my firsthand experience. as every high-end prostitute has been a “new” girl more than once. I am aware of these clients’ mindsets, and they will discover that they cannot take advantage of me.

  1. The Nice Guy Who Is Divorced or Separated from His Long-Term Girlfriend Enjoying with Lebanon Escorts.

Escorts in Lebanon

The name is self-explanatory. These males are usually in their late twenties to early forties. They’re usually the nicest, most compassionate guys. They don’t see prostitutes. but they don’t have any other options for sex (for example, they don’t frequent nightclubs or pubs). This is not to say that they are unattractive in any way. In truth, they are attractive men. who do not adhere to social standards of interacting! with women in traditional settings. They want escorts who are intelligent and appear to be normal. They are completely selfless as a client and like bringing pleasure to women. It is critical for them to ensure that the women are satisfied first.

The issue is that these nice “Nice Guy” customers fall in love far too quickly. Last week, I met a gorgeous man who meets this description. He’s in his mid-30s, educated, and divorced from his wife. We had a terrific time together, and he requested my phone number, as expected. No, I said. He’s a nice person, but I’m not searching for a long-term commitment  I’m already in love with another fantasy.

These types of men have made up a sizable part of my clientele throughout the years. One of them was my ex-fiancée. When clients requested to take me out, I always declined. but my ex and I were different (we had so much in common, and he was the most respectful man I’d ever met). These gentlemen are on the lookout for love in all the wrong places.

  1. The HAPPY MARRIED “Nice Guy” Loves Lebanon Escorts.

I see a lot of these guys as well. Some of the most valuable clientele are married couples. I despise the idea that they are cheating on their husbands, despite being great clients. Worst of all, married guys are very kind, attentive, and respectful, which appears to be ideal. BUT! Knowing that sweet men cheat sends a signal to my brain that pies, decent men cheat on their marriages! But, then again, what is the issue? Is it the unrealistic expectations of modern marriage/love/relationships. that is causing the problem? Is it possible that the problem is the institutionalization of heteronormativity? Because there are several types of married clients, double-check my questions and responses.

  1. The Madonna-Whore Complex in a CLIENT (married or single):

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These are the types of clients who want a prostitute to ACT like the nasty whore she is (in stereotypes). I despise these individuals their minds have been shaped by debauched society values. They are the ones that watch porn. believe that women appreciate disgusting and degrading “sex” actions. With two consenting lovers! who both like the actions, I have no problem with dominance and submission (BDSM). Yet, some clients relish inflicting violence on others. believing that the victim deserves to be abused, degraded, and hurt – this is terrible.

For example, a client may believe that treating a prostitute like ‘dirt’ is acceptable.  He has internalized the belief that ‘whores are worthless. many of these males have not been among my clients. Unfortunately, they prefer the plastic, trashy façade (fake breasts, injected lips, etc.

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